Walpurgis Schwarzlmüller

was born 1967 in Upper-Austria.

During her studies in Art-education and German philology, followed by a year of teaching in a secondary school in Salzburg, she was leading many and  

various creative courses for children as well as for adults in Austria, Germany and Greece; two of many themes were "Building and Playing with Masks" and "Gesture-Drawing". Deep interest in spirituality and development of consciousness on the basis of Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technologies - especially the Science of Creative Intelligence and Consciousnessbased Education-

1996: Maharishi Ayurveda technician training in Holland

1996-2007: member of an international worldpeace project in Holland, Ukraine, Switzerland and the USA

2007: Concerts and exhibitions in Fairfield, USA

Teacher for HathaYoga 1992-1996 and after additional teacher training in the Himalayas since 2008

Teacher for Transcendental Meditation since 2008 (original method Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) 

Concerts and exhibition in Upper Austria (Ried im Innkreis): 2009

nov.2009-april 2010: journey and studies of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and tradtional Indian tempel dance and music (Odissi) in India.

june 2010: opening of Center of Creative Intelligence + gallery WalpurgisArt&Weise near Salzburg /Austria.


Vasudhaiva Kuthumbhakam

"The whole world is my family" 


My original songs are celebrating a state of  absolute bliss and love for the Divine in you and me. The words and  melodies are a playful way of sharing my inner light with everyone and spreading knowledge and experiences of truth: "Consciousness is all there is". With my pictures and music, I hope to inspire you to discover an expanded reality deep within yourself, in all human beings as in the entire creation and the whole universe.

My CDs „Dynamic Silence. Songs about Consciousness and Wisdom of Life“ and „Blossoming Totality – A Musical Journey into Self“, "Traditional Indian Odissi songs, Chantings and original Songs from Walpurgis" with my original songs in English, German, French and Sanskrit can be ordered by contacting me.

€ / $ 16.- per CD

Five CDs for € / $ 64.- (one CD for free!) plus shipping.

No shipping-costs in Fairfield (call 461-472-4131), USA.

Free sample per e-mail in WMA-format or

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"The songs are very full of life, silence and love."


"The purity and innocence of this clear, gentle, strong and beautiful voice touches something very deep inside of me and pulls me straight into transcendence - pure wakeful silence, enlivening feelings of love and devotion to existence itself."


"Strong and soft, Walpurgis, you sound simply angelic."


"When I listened to your boundary-breaking CDs, I simply dissolved in joy! Very unique, your voice is great, full, round, sattwic, heavenly and earthly at the same time and also the words are very beautiful."


"You are describing the beauty and joy of living, but never leaving a doubt that it is the Self you are describing - Samhita of Unity, Duality and Diversity: aham brahmasmi, tat vam asi, sarvam khalu idam brahm. Your songs reverberate this spirit of Brahm, Unity.

 I have seen Saraswati dancing on the tip of the tongue before (this time on yours), but with the sound of your words 'in my whole universe there is no distance', it was the first time I actually heard (!) her dancing in my ears and later when your voice was jubilating 'flowing, laughing (loving), sparkling light ....' in my ears I could feel the sweet tender touch of the joyful air moved around by the twirling, whirling white garments of the lively dancing Saraswati.

When I hear your words 'in my whole universe there is no distance, I decide what I think ...... create my life to my own will ...... we are creator and creation and feel the truth of this sensation' and when even in your delightful, long stretched 'AAA' I can hear no distance, I want to congratulate my spiritual sister for claiming her birthright. With you telling us 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam - the world is my family', I find it irresistable to respond to this beautiful mature voice." K.S



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